Providing accurate data for the Recruitment service

Pay in many temporary employment sectors (Education, Legal, IT, Health, logistic and Building) has suffered unnecessary reduction due to the rising cost involved in the process of identity and credential assurance on the one hand and the competition between Recruitment Agencies on the other hand.

When you have agreed to licence your data rights to Transac, we would be in a better bargaining position to negotiate and determine the fair minimum hourly rate you deserve and to charge Recruitment Agencies an admin fee to have access to our live data for identity, credential assurance and your current or potential availability.

You would be able to enjoy a decent salary, which value your experience and skills and to enjoy an additional payment from the fee charged to access your data, which will be credited on your monetisation wallet.

Transac provides the service via its application on which you will be able to register and interact for your availability.

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