Your Right to data erasure and control

Negative search engine results can have unpleasant consequences: missing out on a job or having to face embarrassing questions from friends or loved ones. This will seem particularly unfair where the information coming up against a search of your name is, false, misleading or simply very old.

Transac provides this service under the data protection and privacy rights to which you are entitled.

  1. Transac will seek to remove the source material by submitting a request for erasure to the data controller (Webmaster, Hosting company, Registrar, Registry, ISP).
  2. If the traditional method is not appropriate, Transac will approach the search engine operator to filter the search engine result.
  3. If the search engine operator refuses to filter the search engine result, Transac will complain to the ICO, the regulator before any legal action could be taken against the data controller.
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