You are constantly being denied your privacy and data rights.

With Transac, you’ll never have to worry about someone, or some companies misusing your data or privacy rights again.

Transac provides you with the support and advice for all the data protection rights in compliance with the GDPR.

Transac provides protection and legal services for any breach to your privacy rights and when you have been victim of bullying, trolling, online abuse and harassment.

Providing a regulatory data protection service in compliance with the GDPR

Your data rights being assigned to Transac, we have the duty to provide data protection to you in compliance with the GDPR.

We provide you a Digital Estate Planning service, investigate nuisance calls and messages, investigate concerns you may have about how a company has handled your personal information and enforce your right to be forgotten.

Paying you for access to your data

Currently, you provide access to your data to global tech, marketing and Data-brokers companies. They are being financially rewarded in breach of the lawfulness, fairness and transparency principles and obligations under the GDPR.

We’re committed to defend and protect your data rights. This means companies will now have to pay you to access your data. You can determine who is using your data, when and for how long.

Providing Cyberbullying and privacy legal service

Have you ever been the victim of bullying, trolling, online abuse and harassment? This could be abusive or upsetting social media messages, invasion of privacy, attacking someone’s character.

We can seek removal of the source material, from the data controller, seek to identify the perpetrator and take other legal remedies to help you get peace of mind. So that you can live your life without worrying about online abuse.

This service is provided under an insurance cover where you pay a small monthly/yearly premium to protect yourself against these threats.

Paying you for your data

The customer’s monetisation wallet will be credited with a percentage of access fee and monthly access fee charged on your static data.

In relation to your static data, the Trust core system would reward you with points system for some criteria. Conversely, the Trust core system would adversely affect the reward points system for a given set of criteria.

For the activity data, the PII monetisation wallet will be credited with the points system representing the value of the discounted price whenever any transaction is made for the purchase of a service/good.