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Use Case

We have chosen six cases that the average client would be keen to use our services for and to showcase the steps you need to go through to achieve the desired outcome.

Protect you from Cyber abuse and harassment

Cyber abuse is online behaviour which is reasonably likely to have a seriously threatening, intimidating, harassing or humiliating effect on a person. It is behaviour that threatens to hurt a person socially, psychologically or even physically.

Your Right to data erasure and control

Negative search engine results can have unpleasant consequences: missing out on a job or having to face embarrassing questions from friends or loved ones. This will seem particularly unfair where the information coming up against a search of your name is, false, misleading or simply very old.

Avoiding nuisance calls and messages

Nuisance marketing calls are unwanted phone calls that attempt to promote a product, service, aim or ideal to you. For example, a caller could try to sell you something or ask you to support a particular cause.

Providing a Digital Estate Planning service

What do you want done with your email after you die? Many people want a relative to login and send a message to all contacts with their news of their passing. Should your Facebook page be closed or converted into a “memorial page”?

Providing accurate data for the Recruitment service

Pay in many temporary employment sectors (Education, Legal, IT, Health, logistic and Building) has suffered unnecessary reduction due to the rising cost involved in the process of identity and credential assurance on the one hand and the competition between Recruitment Agencies on the other hand.

Credit Reference service

You are currently being charged a monthly fee by the Credit Reference agencies to have access to your own data: this is outrageous!!

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