Providing a Digital Estate Planning service

What do you want done with your email after you die? Many people want a relative to login and send a message to all contacts with their news of their passing. Should your Facebook page be closed or converted into a “memorial page”? How about your digital photos stored on Flickr? Do you have a blog or website that may need to be closed down? Any paid online services you need to cancel? These and many other questions are worth answering before you go. Have you made a digital estate plan?

Transac provides the digital estate planning service by:

  1. Providing a secured application on which you can safely write down all of your accounts and their login credentials.
  2. Drafting and providing a “Digital Will” in which you decide who will be your personal representative (Transac or an individual of your choice), what message will be left on your social platform accounts and for how long and to whom you would like to bequeath your digital assets with financial value (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc..) or with emotional value (pictures, video, purchased digital music, movies, etc…).
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