Protecting yourself from cyberbullying

Have you, or perhaps one of your children, been subject to cyberbullying?
This can take a number of forms. Some people use social media platforms as a means of inciting unwanted attacks, monitoring people’s activity without their consent, and behaving abusively. Those who behave abusively online are called trolls. Examples of ‘trolling’ including:

  • posting repeated comments on message boards or news articles, attacking someone’s character and/or invading their privacy, or designed to provoke argument;
  • repeatedly sending abusive or otherwise upsetting social media messages; and
  • following a person into online chatrooms in order to interrupt conversations and invade their privacy.

Trolls get away with this all too often. Because it happens on an online world, it is often a faceless and deeply personal activity that can be difficult to identify and address. As the trend towards more gated communities and private forums on social media platforms increases, unfortunately this problem will worsen.

Everyone has the right to enjoy a world free of attack, and this extends to the internet.

TransAc can help by compelling the data-controller (a social media platform, hosting company or ISP, for example) to take down the content, help identify the perpetrator and communicate with the regulator to order the removal of the source material.

Even this doesn’t work, we can go even further by taking legal remedies on your behalf. Our wish is to see an online world free of cyberbullying and harassment, so if you’ve been a target of this, please get in touch with us.

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