Have you been in an accident recently that wasn’t your fault?

We’ve all had nuisance calls from marketing companies soliciting for business. It could be to call you about a car accident that you were apparently recently involved in, a PPI claim, an aggressive charity donation or something else entirely.

But one thing connects all of these incidents. They are annoying and they shouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately, companies prey on individuals who they see as easy targets. In a digital world, “easy target” means someone who shares their data online and doesn’t secure it. You may have logged in to multiple websites with the same details, answering personality quizzes on social media platforms or click Accept on Terms & Conditions without reading them.

Right now, all you can really do is block the caller on your phone or mark the email as junk. That’s a band-aid on a bigger problem, because your details are still on a marketing database that’s being sold around the world to different companies.

Someone else is making money from your data.

But it’s easy to protect yourself from all this.

If you receive unwanted marketing, get in touch with us, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll make a complaint to the regulator on your behalf, and follow it through to conclusion. Our aim is to make sure you can get back to a normal life without incessant solicitation that you never signed up for.

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